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But wait, there’s LESS!

2 Minute Read
Written by Kirk Cheesman
4 December 2023

But wait…. there’s LESS!

If you lived through the 90s, you could not escape the infamous salesperson, Tim Shaw, and his favorite saying “but wait…there’s more!”

Fast forward a few decades and most people (especially in business) are looking for less, rather than more.  For example, less time spent on tedious tasks, less costs, less resources, less administration, less noise and interruptions, so they can focus on getting on with their main duties.

Business owners, CFOs and Credit Managers are constantly looking for better efficiencies and ways to save time, money and improve processes to increase cash flow and avoid credit risk.

Presenting easyAR, a solution which will:

  1. Manage overdue clients – reduce time spent on chasing outstanding debts and reduce DSO’s.
  2. Improve cash flow – by implementing easyAR, you will reduce outstanding debts and increase incoming cash flow.
  3. Reduce administration – with automatic reconciliations for incoming payments and automation which will give you back hours in time every month!

easyAR has been developed to seamlessly work in conjunction with your accounting system to give you all these benefits. For Trade Credit Insurance clients who use our insurance and other services, we have enhancements to further automate your overdue reporting, claims lodgments, and referrals for collection actions.

NCI promise that easyAR will give you back hours of time, improve your collection rate, recovery processes, and significantly reduce administration and reconciliations to lessen the burden on your business and credit teams.

Your additional time, collection outcomes and improved cashflow, will more than cover the small monthly subscription costs for easyAR.



“But wait, there’s less….”

In addition, easyAR can provide more payment methods for your customers to pay outstanding monies. Again, improving collection results and provide a better customer experience for your clients.

To find out more about easyAR and to receive a free no obligation demonstration of the system, book in a time with your NCI Client Service Manager or simply click here to book a demo and our dedicated team will be in contact to schedule a demonstration. It will be the best 30 minute investment you make this year.

easyAR will revolutionise the way your business manage your Accounts Receivable. It does exactly what it says – easyAR will make your life easier!

Whether you want more time, improved cash flow or less administration, easyAR has more, or less got you covered.

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