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Export Credit Insurance

Helping your Business secure international trade with Export Credit Insurance

Export Credit Insurance protects your debtors ledger when exporting goods overseas.

Export Credit Insurance

Navigating the uncertainties of international trade? Export Credit Insurance acts as your safety net. It shields your business from financial losses if foreign buyers fail to pay, safeguarding your cash flow and mitigating bad debt risk.

Whether it’s commercial hiccups like insolvency or political risks, Export Credit Insurance allows you to confidently venture into new markets and secure trade with ease. It’s an investment in peace of mind, allowing you to focus on expanding your global reach without fear of non-payment. Unlock your export potential with added security.

From cautious to confident: Our client grows with Export Credit Insurance

Our client, a family-owned farm specialising in agriculture, started small. Their first international play involved cautious steps, requiring Letters of Credit (LCs) from their overseas buyer. LCs, while secure, were expensive and cumbersome, slowing down transactions which limited their growth potential.

Eventually, they were introduced to Export Credit Insurance by their bank. By covering payment defaults due to commercial or political risks, Export Credit Insurance eliminated the need for LCs, freeing up capital and streamlining transactions.

The results were immediate. They secured new buyers in new markets, offered flexible payment terms and experienced faster order fulfillment. With the newfound confidence and security, they expanded their export program, venturing into previously unreachable territories.

Their export sales have grown, driven by Export Credit Insurance’s flexibility and risk mitigation. They have diversified their customer bas and reduced reliance on any single market.

By replacing restrictive LCs with flexible insurance, they unlocked new markets, expanded their reach and secured their financial future.

Specialised protection for Export and Political Risks

Export and political credit insurance is the safest option when an overseas buyer does not want to establish a Letter of Credit, and wishes to trade on an open account or Documentary Collection basis. We specialise in offering clients security against the following type of export and political risks:


Protracted default

Contract frustration due to war or riots

Inconvertibility of currency

Cancellation of import/export licences

Default by Government-owned buyer

Contract cancellation by buyer’s Government

The Benefits of Export Credit Insurance

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